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Elementor Connector Settings – Timeslots

The Timeslots settings in Elementor Connector for WooCommerce Bookings allow shop owners to change the design of the Timeslots shown in the WooCommerce Bookings Form.

Settings Panel Availability

Note: Timeslots settings are only present if the bookable product’s duration is set to Month, Hour or Minute.

To access these settings, navigate to Templates > Theme Builder > Single Bookable Product Template > Edit with Elementor > WC Bookings Form > Timeslots.

Settings Overview

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The available Timeslots settings include:


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  • Backgrounds (Includes states for: Normal and Hover)
    • Section Background: The background for the timeslots section as a whole
    • Timeslots Background: The alternate background for individual timeslots
  • Borders (Includes states for: Normal, Hover and Focus)
    • Border Type: Set the border type for the timeslots container
    • Timeslots Border Radius (Includes border width options per device: Desktop, Table, Mobile): Radius of the individual timeslots


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Includes options per device: Desktop, Table, Mobile

  • Margin: The margin for the timeslot container as a whole
  • Padding The padding for the timeslot container as a whole
  • Dimensions
    • Timeslot: The width for individual timeslots


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  • Font Colors (Includes states for: Normal, Hover, Selected)
    • Timeslot: The font color individual timeslots
  • Timeslot Font: The font family, size, line-height, weight, style and spacing options for timeslots.
  • Alignment: The alignment of text within the timeslot block – left, center and right.