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  2. Create a Manual Booking with Product Add-Ons

Create a Manual Booking with Product Add-Ons

Here are the steps you will need to make to create a manual Booking.  

Create booking

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  1. Create a booking. Create Manual Booking
  2. In the next screen, you’ll want to assign it to a user and product. We recommend creating a new corresponding order with this booking.

Edit booking

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  1. Select the duration and create your booking. This will open up the Edit Order screen for this particular booking.
  2. To add the Product Add-Ons, edit the bookable product within the Order Items section.
  3. The item meta data section will become visible, and you can select the “Add meta” button to add the Product Add-On information (label and value).
  4. Information added here does not affect the cost of the product, so if the add-on(s) have an extra fee you will have to enter a new total for the item. Be sure to select Save when you’re done editing the product.
  5. If you changed the price in step 4, be sure to select Recalculate to reflect the price changes.
  6. When complete, click Update.