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Getting Started with Buy One Get One Free

Thanks for purchasing the Buy One Get One Free plugin from Woo.com! In this article, you’ll review:

  • How to install the plugin and activate your subscription to get support & automatic updates.
  • The promotion types you can create with the plugin.
  • How to add, duplicate and delete a promotion, along with a description of each field of the promotion settings.
  • The general plugin settings.

So read more below or use the table of contents to jump to the appropriate section.


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Important: Buy One Get One Free plugin requires WooCommerce 3.4+.

There are two different methods to install your WooCommerce Buy One Get One Free plugin:

One-Click Install Method

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If you have connected your Woo.com account to your website, you can use a one-click install method. Go to WooCommerce > Extensions > My Subscriptions tab and click the Download button next to WooCommerce Buy One Get One Free extension.

This article explains how you can connect your Woo.com account to your store.

File Upload

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Log in to your WooCommerce account and go to the Downloads page to download the zip file of the extension to your computer.

The Safari web browsers automatically unarchive downloaded Zip files. Make sure you disable this functionality from Safari > Preferences > General > and uncheck” “Open safe files after downloading.”

From your WordPress Dashboard, Go to Plugins > Add New and Upload Plugin. Select the zip file from your computer and click the Install Now button. Then click the Activate button to activate the Buy One Get One Free plugin.

After activating the plugin, go to WooCommerce > Extensions > My Subscriptions tab and activate the subscription on your site to receive automatic updates. Review how to activate a subscription on your site in the WooCommerce docs.

Promotion types

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Before adding your first promotion, let’s get familiar with the types of BOGO promotions you can create with the plugin.

Get the cheapest product for free (or special offer)

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Use this offer type to create the most popular ways of promotion amongst shoppers: the “Buy one Get one Free” (BOGOF) deals. For example, you can run promotions like buy two products, get one free (2×1), buy two, get one 50% off, buy three products at the cost of two (3×2)…Or any other similar promotion.

This offer applies the discount on the cart subtotal of the cheapest product included in the promotion.

3×1 offer

Product as a gift

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This type of promotion allows the shopper to get a “gift” when purchasing other products. The customer can choose the gift from products that meet specific conditions (category, tag, list of products, variations ). Or you can select a product to add automatically to the cart as a gift.

The gift can also be a special discount on other products. For example: buy one hoddie and select one t-shirt with 50% off.

Get at gift at special price in WooCommerce
Get a gift at a special discount.

Get the same product you buy for free.

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If you select this promotion type, the customer will automatically get the identical product he added to the cart.

The product with a discount will be added to a new cart line.

WooCommerce Buy X and Get X

Adding and Managing BOGO Promotions

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  1. Go to WooCommerce > Buy One Get One > Add new.
  2. Enter a promotion Title.
  3. Go to the Promotion settings meta box to configure the promotion.

Promotion settings

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WooCommerce BOGO promotion settings metabox
Settings meta box


Allows you to disable or enable the promotion.

Promotion type

Select one of the types listed in the above section.


Check this field so that the plugin ignores the other BOGO promotions if the user gets the products at a special price from this promotion.

Apply promotion to

Select what products the customer has to buy to get the offer. This field works with conditions. The product must meet all conditions to be included in the promotion.

Select product for the BOGO promotion in WooCommerce


Available only for the promotion type “Product as a gift” – This field allows you to define the products the customer will get as a gift when he purchases the products included in the “Apply promotion to” field. The available options are:

  • Add the gift automatically to the cart – Selecting this option to the plugin will add the selected product to the cart.
  • Customers can choose the gift – Allow the customer to select the gift from a list of products. This option uses the same conditions as the “Apply promotion to” field to choose the products.
Select a Free Gift field for WooCommerce

Offer details

In this section, you have to enter the promotion quantities and the discount, i.e., the units the customer has to buy to get units at a special price and the percentage discount. For example, if the customer buys three, he’ll get two at 50% off.

Offer limit

The plugin calculates the number of products the customer will get using multiples of the “buy quantity.” For example, if you set the offer buy three get two, and the customer purchases six, he will get four. Use this field to limit the number of products the customer can get.


Available only for the promotion types “Get the cheapest product for free” and “Product as a gift” – This field controls how the plugin counts the items included in the promotion and applies the offer.

  • Deactivate – The plugin calculates the offer by using all lines items of the cart.
  • Activate – The plugin calculates the offer for each line item.

Minimum spend

The minimum amount (subtotal minus discount) the user has to spend to get the promotion.

The default value of this field is zero; the customer has to spend to get the offer. Set this field to -1 to allow customers to get the offer with a zero cart amount.

Available for

Select if the promotion is available for all users or only for specific user roles (group of users). If you select “specific user roles,” you must add the user roles in the following field.

Usage limit per user

How many times an individual user can use the promotion. Leave blank for unlimited. This feature uses the billing email for guests and the user ID for logged users.

Promotion requires a coupon

Active this option to enable the promotion only if the customer uses a specific coupon code. You must add the coupons in the following field.

Coupon field of the WooCommerce BOGO promotion.


You can schedule the promotion to be enabled between two dates.

No coupon validations

This option allows you to exclude the items at a special price of the BOGO promotions from the coupon restrictions validations. The default (and recommended) value is “enabled.” Learn more about the coupon restrictions.

Duplicating a promotion

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It’s possible to use duplicate a promotion to create similar promotions. This feature helps you to save time.

Go to WooCommerce > Buy One Get One, look in the list of promotions for the one you want to duplicate, then hover in the area under the promotion name and click Duplicate.

Deleting a promotion

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To delete a promotion:

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Buy One Get One.
  2. Find the promotion you wish to delete.
  3. Hover in the area under the promotion name and click Trash.


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You can find the plugin settings at WooCommerce > Buy One Get One Free > Settings tab.

Buy One Get One Free for WooCommerce plugin settings
Buy One Get One Free plugin settings.

Tip: You can leave these options with the default values and adjust them after reviewing how the plugin works on your site.

Choose Your Gift Layout

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This section groups the options that control where the plugin will display the available gifts (the products with a special price) when the promotion of type “Product as a gift” is active.

Display eligible free gift(s) on

  • After the cart (default) – Display the gifts after the cart in the cart page.
  • A page that contains the [wc_choose_your_gift] shortcode – Select this option if you want to display the gifts using the [wc_choose_your_gift] shortcode.

Available for “Display eligible gifts after the cart.” The title of the “choose your gift” layout.

Choose your gift page.
Available for “Display eligible gifts on a page that contains the [wc_choose_your_gift] shortcode.” Select the page where you added the shortcode.

Choose Your Gift Notice

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These options control the texts of the notice that the plugin displays to inform the user that he has available gifts.

Choose your gift notice.
Message to show customers when they can add a gift to the cart. You can use the placeholder [qty] to display the number of gifts.

Choose your gift button text.
The text of the link to the “Choose your gift page.”


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Disable coupons
This option controls how coupons work in conjunction with the BOGO promotions. Check it if you want to disable the usage of coupons if there is a BOGO item in the cart.

Custom attributes
The “Variation attribute” condition only includes the global attributes by default. Enable this option to include also de custom product attributes.