This is the personal web site for Mason Woo. I am a computer science professional with a background in finance. I was a full-time employee at Apple, Silicon Graphics, Blue Martini Software, and PeakStream, and I have been an independent consultant for several companies.

I have degrees from both Brown University and the London School of Economics and Political Science. An introductory paper on hedge funds I co-wrote with Professor Gregory Connor at LSE can be found here.

I was once secretary of the OpenGL Architecture Review Board and was an original co-author of the OpenGL Programming Guide, which is also known as the "Red Book."

My twitter handle is WooIsMe. I also can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.

This web site was updated on September 16, 2019. This site is always a work-in-progress.


This Domain is NOT for sale.

Really. I'm not interested in selling this domain.

Please don't send me email and ask me what price I want.

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